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What I like the most about this city is that it hasn’t surprised me at the beginning.  I was thinking that the forest of condos form the city center defines the place where we are going to live for the next “who knows” years. Thanks to my casual job at Mountain Equipment Co-Op where I am part of the events staff, I have been discovering an amazing city within a park. Wild gems where forest animals are just around the corner, beaches with clear water, white dancing boats, fine sands, green wild lakes … all of them take you from your office to a mini-holiday just a few skyscrapers away.

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#viewfromthetop ____and we are so evanescent.

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paint my soul with harmony. the wallpaper of gratitude.

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Toronto Island: Before Pools, There were Lakes 

It’s September 16 and there are no less than 28 Celcius. A great day for a girls’ escapade at the Toronto Islands ( Ontario Lake),  always an affordable, fast and easy to reach option for a sunbath. For those who think that in this part of Canada it’s always cold, this is mid of September’s vibe . . .

Raquel, my Columbian friend, enjoying most probably the most beautiful day of this year’s summer  ♡

Water Taxi of Ferry? Tips for the next year’s trip

Whether it’s Tiki Taxi or Water Taxi, this is a fun&easy way to arrive on the Island – no cars are allowed here, only bicycles. The one-way trip with taxi is $10; you can take a taxi on your way back or choose the ferry which is free. Make sure you check the schedule of the ferry before leaving the beach. If you choose the taxi you just have to shop up at the meeting point (left side, East to the ferry) and, when the boat is full/almost full you’ll leave. The trip is no longer than 10 minutes, enough to take some pictures of the concrete jungle on the back.


  • water taxi = $10 ea, one-way  (not an option if you have a bike)
  • ferry = $7 both ways / there’s a check in only on your way to the island (make online reservations in advance – there are long lines for on-the-spot tickets) 

Hanlan’s Point, the Beach of Freedom and Fun 

Hanlan’s Point is touristic than the Centre Island, but this doesn’t mean that it’s less popular. This piece of land is not very big. It’s easy to travel from one beach to another with the bike (try rental if you don’t have your own) or just walk if you don’t carry heavy stuff. Raquel has traveled here more than me and this beach is definitely her no 1 recommendation!

Some things to be considered before you pack&go:

  • it’s an optional clothing beach, which may be inappropriate for some families with kids;
  • there are many boats parked, some of them with loud music – no problem for those (like us) who like South American music;
  • it’s recommended to grab drinks and food – there’s only a fast-food outlet at the ferry station; no healthy options though;
  • you can find drinking fountains in the park (a few minutes away from the beach). also outdoor tennis courts, outdoor volleyball, picnic sites, washrooms;
  • the sand is very fine, no need for chairs – although you don’t like being sprinkled with sand;
  • the water was pretty cold this year between till mid of July, then it gets better and better;

(NOTE for tourists: drinking alcohol in public places prohibited all over Canada. Make sure you check exceptions before opening a beer;) ) 

Raquel on MyDailyBag

Good news! My Daily Bag team is growing. Raquel is gonna writing on #MyDailyBag too – she’s a very positive, party-girl, full of energy and shine! We plan to cover lost of topics mainly about Toronto’s multicultural-lifestyle with a focus on mindful and healthy living.

Hasta luego!

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