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It’s a mild winter in South Moravia, a region crowded by wineries and forests, wooden houses and cozy restaurants. The nature seems to be extremely protected by humans here. After discovering by bike Lednice and Valtice areas (and drinking delicious wines), we decided to walk through the beautiful forests that surround Brno Reservoir – where the chill lake lays down like a mirror for those all sized and colored trees.

MY TRAVEL BAG* I belive in signs and destiny as soon as you're having an active role in your life. My half year journey in #southmoravia is about to end… I called this place #newhome from day 1. I sincerely love #CzechRepublic, its culture and, especially, the sublime nature. #NewPost on the blog : Hiking around #BrnoReservoir . Enjoy ?* _______ all the pictures in the article are captured through #leicalenses by @huaweimobilero . . . . . . . . #brnophotographer #brnocity #brnodaily #culturetrip #naturephotography #travel #Travelgram #traveling #Travelphotography #travelling #travelblogger #traveler #traveller #travelingram #traveltheworld #travelblog #travels #traveladdict #travellife #travelphoto #travelpics #travelbug

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Our Sunday hiking tour was inspired by this article, but we did some real time updates… just because:) After six walking hours, dozens of photos, over 2000 burned calories, walking meditations and lovely couples moments, we were super tired and all we needed was a bed and a long sleep. But it completely worth it!


In less than 30 minutes you can arrive by car from Brno to Zebetin, a nice and chill Czech village. Park your car in the village center where is a square with a parking lot. There’s also a bus stop, so that you can easily reach Zebetin with public transport from Brno.

FROM ZEBETIN  CENTER FOLLOW THE BLUE PATH to VIVERI CASTLE :  there are many ways to the Veveri Castle, but we found that the blue path is the most challenging one.

Distance: around 15 km

Difficulty: easy

FOLLOW THE RED PATH from VEVERI to BISTRIK DISTRICT: here you should follow the red line around the other part of the lake and take care to have some lights with you  just in case (starting with 16:30 you definitely neet it). You should follow the main path of the lake which is also shared with bikers (stay and enjoy their acrobatic shows if you have time). My suggestion is to walk to Bistrik form the lake, a district village of Brno and from where take the tram or bus to Zebetin  (if you parked you car there) or directly to Brno. What we did (BUT  it’s not recommended if you don’t have a map, don’t know Czech and it’s dark outside ) is walking directly to Zebetin – the distance is not so long, but a bit dangerous – there are no walking paths, so that you have to walk on the main road.

Back to the main attraction, Vevery castle, here’s a postcard for you 🙂

TIP1: If you are not veterans in thinking (like us), please make sure you’ll have in your #YourTravelBag what we had missed:D

– internet mobile data (maybe you’ll need at some point, nobody speaks English. Like nobody:);

– lights – the trip is so enjoyable so you can easily spend the all winter day here (in November the sun goes down at 5 PM);

– trail boots and socks – you’ll see on other blog posts that the trail is easy, but if you’re are amateur it might be complicated without this;

TIP2:  my article would be rather inspirational than practical for you, I recommend you check get better informed than we were and check these two websites Privatmax.cz and Greenways Travel Club – great sources of ideas for hiking in Brno and South Moravia.

That being said, don’t miss to capture everything that nature, humans or animals offer you even when there’s nobody home….

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*photos done with Huawei P10 leica lens.

Enjoy the nature around you, wherever you are  _/\_


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