Health & Wellness Influencers You Need to Know | by Push Mind & Body

Health & Wellness Influencers You Need to Know | by Push Mind & Body

While all Cannes Lions delegates were involved in a compelling detox of rosé, someone had the power to talk about Healthy Lifestyle. And I said “Yay, I’ll be there!” 🙂 Unfortunately, when I got there, the room was empty… I stayed for about 3 minutes trying to figure out what was going on. However, nothing except a pink screen was revealed. Then, a nice guy appeared and apologized for cancelling the presentation. Why? Food poisoning. Yes, you read well – the speaker was intoxicated with food, in a restaurant dans la croisette.

Well, that’s a sign.

I asked for the list of influencers together with little details about each of them and I quickly received it from the same guy at Push Mind & Body Company. Then I decided to go to the beach for an hour of self-study and some stretching exercises… just because you cannot get upset on these situations when you are at Cannes Lions festival!

I got the list, I did the research (and the yoga stretching) and here are the health& wellness influencers you need to know! Powered by Push Mind & Body, a company that would have deserved to be on the Lions’ entertainment stage this year 🙂


The girls behind Food and Lycra – Kin, Laura and Rachel – came together three years ago to share their love of food, fun and fitness. Their aim is to inspire women (and men) who, like them once upon a time, couldn’t run a full kilometer, do more than a couple of pull-ups, or swim 20 meters’. Their Instagram and website show that not having to obsess over every calorie can be a fun and great way to get together with friends who encourage and inspire each other. Everyone’s level of fitness and preferences is different, but we’re all in this together and the girls from Food and Lycra truly believe that if they can do it, so can anyone!


Victoria is a body love and confidence coach based in Canada. Having overcome homelessness, abuse and body image issues, Victoria went on to pursue a successful career in corporate talent acquisition for ten years, wining an award for being the top consultant for the largest agency in Canada. Despite her success in the corporate world, Victoria chose to “live the life of her dreams”. Having spent ‘thousands of hours and dollars’ on self-development, she filtered the most useful tools and included them in her unique approach to inspire and empower others, through either one-on-one or group sessions:


Kate is a mental health nurse from Scotland, who personally believes that we should invest more in our mental wellbeing. Having personally experienced the benefits of practicing mindfulness and gratitude, combined with her knowledge and background in mental health, her idea of ‘mybuddhadbox’ was born. A monthly subscription to the box encourages self-reflection, gratitude and opportunity to give yourself space to slow down and turn your attention inward. It is the perfect complement to a gym membership, so this is a way you can invest in both your mental and physical health:


Laura studied health sciences at the University of Aberdeen and went on to complete a PhD in nutritional sciences at Texas A&M University. Now living in London, Laura is a wellness advocate and registered nutritionist with the Association of Nutrition. Her podcast ‘Don’t salt my game’ , where she discusses the latest trends and fads together with ‘game changers’ from the health and wellness world, helps to ‘cut through the nutrition BS’ and tells people ‘what they really need to know to stay on top of their game’. Her perspective ensures that we take what we read from our favorite instagrammers or bloggers with a pinch of salt. 


Susan is a sound therapist recognized by The Institute for Complementary and Natural Medicine (ICNM). She grew up in the tropics of Columbia where she developed a deep understanding of the immense world of sound and its ability to offset waves of emotions and thoughts. After moving to London in 2015, she discovered that ancient sound healing was founded in 2000 as a contemporary therapy by the British Academy of Sound where she then went on to complete a degree. Susan combines her knowledge of sound techniques learned during her degree with ancient practices to re-tune the mind, body and spirit. Our bodies contain energy frequencies and, through various methods, she works to re-attune there when they are off key.

All different, all see the mind & body world from different perspectives… Food and Lycra blog is similar with what My Daily Bag  wants to express. We have a lot to learn from you, girls. We personally found something in common with Victoria, not just the corporate background, but the desire to invest in self-development, studies, and improvement. Of course, ‘thousands of hours and dollars’ are far away from reality in our case, but we’d like so.

Namaste 🙂



  1. Thank you so much for including me on this list of awesome people!! Big hugs from Canada.

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