Brasov | eat, drink, stay and relax

Brasov | eat, drink, stay and relax

First, I realised that we spent half a day looking for city breaks offers abroad; then I found that never, but never I have visited my country like an authentic and curious tourist that I use to be when I step out. And a simple thought came into my mind: let’s choose a common place in Romania, one that we visited before but we didn’t have enough time and curiosity to discover its streets, people and culture (and the reasons are many, but not so are the excuses). One that was nice, but not the nicest. One that is close to Bucharest, as we have only three days for the trip. Brasov, here we go!


Small advice: don’t look for a super central location; the fairytale of this city is written on the little streets surrounding the central market. We found a bright, stylish and spacious loft apartment, with a small kitchenette, a huge and comfortable bed and yoga space for two:) 10 minutes walk to the city centre. I fully recommend Gabriela’s and Laura’s place.


photo @my_daily_bag
photo: my_daily_bag


photo: my_daily_bag



BISTRO MA COCOTTE | reservations: 0741 671 596

This place is a slice of heaven. Please come in, eat and drink without feeling guilty. You should enjoy its good energy and flavours; it is a treatment for your soul, not just for your body:)

photo: @my_daily_bag
photo: @my_daily_bag


photos: @my_daily_bag
photo: my_daily_bag | tuna pasta with olives


photo @my_daily_bag green cinnamon apple (green salad, apple, cinnamon, beetroot, honey)

SERGIANA RESTAURANT (traditional food) | reservations: don’t need, the restaurant is roomy enough 🙂

I’m a fish lover! And maybe it’s obvious because I was born in Drobeta Turnu Severin, a border town, crossed by the Danube river (for city break tips you can read this).  And of course that I always wish for what I haven’t at my head: mountain fish. Dear Sergiana restaurant, I have to admit that I haven’t eaten such a good trout for a long time. I chosed the grilled one lime and butter and I stole a few fries from my boyfriend’s plate ( fries like my granny used to prepare – large slices, oil steamed, garlic source).

After a hearty dinner, we walked a lot around the city- what I also recommend you to do… 😀

photo: my_daily_bag
photo: my_daily_bag


BISTRO DE L’ARTE | reservations needed:

Sometimes you have to wait 30 or 40 minutes for your food but it worth! Maybe it’s not recommended when you are extremely hungry just because you risk to eat double than you need. For vegetarians I recommend quesadilla and for meat lovers – duck in carrots sauce. If you like deserts, try a home made pie!

photo credit: @bistrodelarte



HOME – delicious coffee and smoothies  |  website not found, but the location is very central – Colentina street

From here we had  a green smoothie  to go.  It was tasty, unsweetened and refreshing!

photo: my_daily_bag


MAGAZINUL CU CAFEA – coffee & coffee for home | Colentina Street, no 16 | no reservation

It’s not a super stylish place, but the coffee is very fresh! They have Guatemala and Etiopia, my top listed origins and their prices are fair.


ATASGON Detox and Wellbeing Center | details:


We visited the famous detox centre just to get familiar with their detox plans and massages. We tasted thai massage (or yoga for lazy ppl:D), the turkish bath ? and some vegan refreshments. The staff is extremely professional and they convince us for a 4 day detox experience next spring!



We’ll be back, Brașov!






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