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My Daily Bag is my healthy living journal where I gather inspirations for a happy balanced life. Here, my passions have their own virtual bags: travel, sport, food, lady, book and zen (which includes yoga and meditation).

I’m Miha, a health enhusiast who loves sharing and constantly learning about improving the quality of life.   I was born in Romania, Dr. Tr. Severin (my home town); I studied and worked in advertising in Bucharest for 7 years. Then I had been experienced the “digital nomad” adventure during one yin the Czech Republic (Brno city) where my husband lived.  Now we are based in Toronto, Canada.

But why am I talking so thirsty about healthy living? A big change came in my live after I overcome a depression in my early 20s. I think I’m still not totally cured, but conscious about my body, emotions, time and thoughts.  I know how to manage them all. In 2014 I got the certification in Schwinn Cycling, the sport with whom I started my healthy living plan. In 2015 and 2016 I was more into running than everything, but my back pains and (still) restless life made me push the pause button. In 2017 I left my dream job, I started meditating and practice more yoga, I choose to work on my own at least for a while and dedicate more time for sharing what’s in My Daily Bag with you. I’m currently studying nutrition, the basic level, with the desire to understand food emotional reactions.

Contact me if I can help you with anything, from motivation to inspiration, books to read or recipes. 

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Or you can write me at mihaela [at] mydailybag.com.

Skype: mihazzz20  | Whatsapp: +40728180569

Healthy regards ♡