3 Brilliant Ad Campaigns from Brazil

3 Brilliant Ad Campaigns from Brazil

According to statista.com, Brazil is the leading ad market in Latin America, and one of the largest ad markets in the world with an ad revenue estimated to amount to nearly $30 billion. That’s huge and pretty uncomparable with Canada’s around 10 billion U.S according to the same source or, on the other hand, with US’s one that exceeds $100 billion.

I would say that even when it comes to creativity and earned media, those numbers play an essential role in the production whereas the cultural environment and uniqueness are highly important.  Brazil caught my attention since 2014’s mobile Grand Prix Nivea Protects app or the last year’s gold winner VR Vaccine campaign and the Women Interrupted app aimed to detect “menterruption” in daily conversation. This year I am pretty sure that they will continue to surprise the Lion’s jury a well.

These campaigns have all the ingredients to make me feel intrigued, curious, amazed.

Sweat Sponsorship | Agency: F.biz Comunicaçã | Client: Unilever | Brand:  OMO Sports

Omo Sports sponsored the Corinthians jersey in a F.biz action that innovated the use of Hydrochromic ink. Activated by sweat, the brand was unveiled on the players’ jersey during the game. Simple & Smart.

If you like this campaign, I encourage you to use the hashtag #suorquemarca (#sweatthatmarks) and #canneslions2018 and support the action idealized by F.biz by sharing or re-sharing this case study on your social networks.

The Prison Reviews | Agency: Artplan | Client: Editora Carambaia

“According to the latest survey of Reading Portraits in Brazil, conducted by Ibope, Brazil has 56% readers, and the Brazilian reads less than five books per year. That’s very little. Meanwhile, a survey conducted in the Federal District revealed that inmates read nine times more than the national average. Following a recommendation from the National Justice Council (CNJ), prisoners from all over the country have had the opportunity not only to read the most varied titles but also to produce reviews of those books. Each of these reviews is evaluated by a committee and can result in four days of remission of the sentence.” a press release sent by Treassessoria agency says.

Referring to the cultural context, for me this mix of behavioral interconnectivity and mentality change is something very appealing.  I like the simplicity and sincerity of the content … ’cause this campaign could be a book itself.

I would say that this is, most probably, the best use of printed media I have seen in the past year.

“Next Step” | Agency: Agência Tudo | Client: Libbs Farmacêutica

This project proposes dance as an important part of the treatment of depression.

“The idea to invite real people to take a step towards overcoming depression under the positive light of dance associated with medical treatment came from Tudo after observing some other campaigns around the same theme. “We had noticed that the vast majority of campaigns that addressed depression were dark, heavy, and even depressing. On top of that, there is the matter of prejudice. Many people don’t face depression as a disease and loads of families don’t see it as a problem or believe that the person is just sad or lazy. That’s why not too many people go after medical help and live their lives for many years without finding an answer, which can result in severe consequences,” says Iron Neto, managing partner and business director at Agência Tudo


Besides the whole incredible idea and impeccable implementation, I like a lot that they used a local voiceover in the case study. Big thumb up for its authenticity.  The documentary is worth-watching and also brings comprehensive information about the project: www.oproximopasso.com.br .


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