2018 Dream Yoga Retreats ♡

2018 Dream Yoga Retreats ♡

Dear yoga lovers,

After a quite long blogging pause I realized how healthy is to take a break and be an observer of yourself. This “look at me” practice helped my a lot to balance my emotions, find peace and exercise “stay in silence moments” (hardly to achieve for a talkative person like me:D). These things, combined with the intensive practice of yoga, group fitness classes and lots of books in #MyBookBag made me feel reborn after three months of living away from home and beloved ones. But you know what? At the same time I let myself being lazy when I felt so, I ate plenty of Indian food with white rice which went perfectly with one/two some glasses of red wine, in the migdnight.

This year is going to end in a perfect balance, but what about…

New Year’s Mind and Body Resolutions?

Every year in November I start thinking about the next year’s resolutions. But this year is kind of tricky because I don’t know how 2018 will be in terms of space, culture, even money. We applied for visas and working permits and, if everything goes well, next year we’ll take our mats, few clothes and we’ll cross the Ocean to continue the journey. Even though, I cannot hide that one of my dreams since my first yoga retreat  (just for an weekend, about one year ago) is to enjoy this practice at its fullest power during a mindfulness retreat of at least one week.

I don’t know if the stars will align for me, but I one thing is sure: I have my list of “Dream Yoga Retreats” done and ready to share with you. Et voilà:)

#1 We go to India! Kerala Retreat  

Andreea “I am a Tree” (@suntuncopac_yogastudio) and Crina “The Palm Tree” (@mybarefootjourney) are two Romanian friends who have the same thirsty passion for yoga. Andreea lives in Bucharest where she has a super nice yoga studio, Crina happily lives in Bali and India from where she organizes dreamy yoga retreats and write on the blog about them.We go to India! Kerala Retreat  is not their first yoga retreat together, but the first one in India as far as I know. I met people who went with them in Bali and they were extremely happy, so if you plan to say YES to this new challenge you’ll surely get lot of zen and fun together.

Check out their blogs or  Facebook event community  page for more details.

P.S. If this trip to India doesn’t suits you, ask them more about their next year’s plan. As far as I know Bali is still on the list in spring and autumn;)

#2 Costa Rica: Yoga & Adventure Retreat in the Happiest Country on Earth!

Over the last years Costa Rica has been becoming so popular due to it’s “modest” promotion quote: Happiest Country on Earth. (I thought that Denmark is, but… let’s be all happy:) ). During my yoga retreats research in Costa Rica, I found Anamaya Resort which is by far one of the most fairy resorts. Here, in this “slice of heaven”, you’ll find yoga retreats for surf lovers, adventure lovers or… doing nothing lovers. You must check them out; look how gorgeous their rooms are.

For details you can contact them directly on their Facebook Page or website.

I’ve recently seen that the girl with whom I practice yoga at home – the beautiful, kind and modest Erin  (YT channel here) has just came back from a retreat that she did in Costa Rica. 7 days starting from 1300$ with all included, but you can check more here:  fiveparksyoga.com/yoga-retreats/ 
She announced on Instagram that she’s planning to make another one soon, so keep an eye on her profile😉

Last but not least, if you like Erin’s videos (I love, love doing yoga with her!) please consider a monthly donation to support her coming with more content. Details: www.patreon.com/fiveparksyoga 

Here are some fresh photos from her retreat….

photo: fiveparksyoga | Costa Rica

#3 Six Days Purification and Detox Yoga Retreat in Bali, Indonesia

I want to live once the ‘commercial’ trip in Bali – Ubud and surroundings – following the well-known places written in the “Eat, Pray, Love” bestseller. I’m not sure if I would like to have 2 weeks of well-organized activities, but this “6 days of purification and detox yoga” event may be an option, then you can explore the country by your own. It is modest, affordable and the “balinese cooking class” they offer sounds pretty cool.

Check out dates and the list of prices here: www.bookyogaretreats.com/bali-bee-house/6-days-purification-and-detox-yoga-retreat-in-bali-indonesia


Following the hashtag #retreat2018 on Instagram I found out a magnificent house in Portugal, Olhao (3 hours by train from Lisbon – one of my latest travel discovery). Its name is Casa Fuzetta, “an exceptional private home available to rent on an exclusive basis throughout the year for retreats, events, holidays and photo shoots”. Prices are a bit higher, but for the Europeans who want a destination closer to their home, it may be a good option. Find out more about this 6 days retreat in April, organized by Cat Meffan (one of my favorite yogi influencer): www.imperfectmatter.com/cat-meffan-yoga-classes/  

#5 NewYork: Sharon Salzberg’s book and retreats

If none of these destinations are on your next year’s resolutions list, but you’re still interested in ‘the art of mindful connection’, you can easily organise your own yoga retreat, every evening in your living room:) Make sure you have some candles, scented essences and … maybe a good book or audioguide aside.

The mindfulness writer Sharon is a person to follow if you are into  meditation.  She is a central figure in this field, a world-renowned teacher and New York Times bestselling author – her latest, Real Love: The Art of Mindful Connection is definitely on my reading list for the next year.

Twitter: @SharonSalzberg | Her full list of events and talks is available here.

Heartfelt thanks to all who read my post _/\_



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